Concordia Missouri History

Concordia Historical Timeline

1819 First settlement in what is now Lafayette County.
1821 Missouri becomes a state.
1844 Log cabin church built by St. Paul's Congregation.
1851 German Baptist Church organized.
1860 First bushwhacker raid
1862 Baptists build church south of town.
1862 Second bushwhacker raid.
1863 Four men shot and killed.
1864 Twenty-six men of the Concordia area killed in fight bushwhackers north of Emma.
1865 Name of Concordia approved and Rev. Julius Biltz was appointed post master.
1868 Joint stock company of six men survey and lay out town plat.
1870 Post Office established in city limits. August Hackman, post master.
1871 Railroad completed through Concordia.
1872 Methodists hold first religious service in town.
1872 Evangelical Bethel Church organized.
1873 German Baptists build church in Concordia.
1874 First public school built.
1877 The Town of Concordia is incorporated.

1878 Savings Bank robbed of $4,169
1880 Missouri THALBOTE (German newspaper) moved from Lexington to Concordia.
1881 CONCORDIA MUSIKCHOR (band) organized. Teacher W. Wilk, director.
1883 Rev. Baepler begins instructions at St. Paul's College with three students.
1884 Evangelical and Reformed Church built.
1891 Concordia Creamery Co. organized.
1893 The newspaper, CONCORDIAN, was established. THALBOTE moved to Higginsville.
1898 Wooden water tank built; water mains laid down Main, 2nd. to 10th. streets.
1899 Water meters installed.
1901 First long distance telephone in Concordia.
1912 Topsy Oetting opens restaurant and pool hall.
1924 War Memorial statue unveiled in Central Park.
1925 East and west concrete slab highway finished through Concordia. (State No. 2; later U. S. 40).
1931 Natural gas piped into Concordia.
1932 End of passenger train service on Lexington Branch.
1936 WPA builds sewers (finished 1940).